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Chairman's Report by Frank Fraser


Well what a season, if you like rain there was buckets of it literally, yet exhibitors still turned up at the show, what a hardy breed they are.


JJ purchased superb crystal engraved whisky glasses and a lovely vase for Anne Turner, who has now retired from the secretary's table. May I take this opportunity of thanking Anne on behalf of the Scociety for your work and time.


Joycelyn Wallace stepped into Anne's shoes and what a marvellous job she done, considering she does not know us that well, she kept us riff raff in order with calm efficiency, a big thank you to you, watch out Joycelyn you could get that job for life!


Where would we be without the Turner clan, Ian has been our show secretary for many years nothing is a  bother to him, and what about his grandsons Sean and Jordan, who not only built an excellent stand of dahlias and chrysanthemums at the secretary's table, they also kept and eagle eye out for other exhibitors 'borrowing our vases and tables', well done lads.


JJ, our show manager, does a great job, he does not have to 'shout from the rooftops', he goes about his job with quiet unflappable efficiency and we know the job will be done.


Alistair does a terrific job, looking after our finances and producing and excellent Impact magazine, I appreciate the time that it takes. Thanks Alistair.


Dugald McDougall is our minutes secretary and secretary for the Society. He lives over 100 miles away from us and was unable to drive, yet still done a great job for the Society, you have my respect Dugald.


As for the judges, they are a bit like referees, they will never keep everybody happy, and with our stewards they do their honest best.


What more can I say about our Scottish website manager, John 'Braveheart' Wallace, he had a tough time with his health recently, did that slow him down, not a bit, John was at every show that I was at, and winning championships, Yewshill and Stan Hall at the Scottish C&D and even at Harrogate aided by Joycelyn was the first Scot to win the Pom Championships. Lang may your lum reek John.


A big thanks also goes to all the guys who helped with the little things that all help the Society, and finally, I will finish with a bit of 'exhibitors humour' we can all appreciate, I was helping one of our English friends carry his buckets out of the back of the van, when he stiffened up with a bit of cramp, when I seen the quality of his flowers I said to him - I hope your cramp lasts all night mate! The both of us laughed heartily.


Good luck in the growing season.



Frank - Chairman


Frank Fraser 10th Gold Medal vase at a National show


The National Show results have now been uploaded.


This year's seminar will once again be held in the GILVENBANK HOTEL, GLENROTHES. KA7 6NL on Sunday 22nd April. The speakers are Richard and Pam Canning and the title of their talk is "I will walk 400 miles".  Ian Stocks is the other speaker and his talk is "Forward thinking".

The seminar starts at 10am with coffee. Cost is £10 and includes lunch...a bargain!

There will be a raffle (donations welcome) and at the end of the seminar there will be the usual plant sale.

Members and non members are all welcome.

Return of an Old Trophy to the Society

Earlier this year Mr. Donald Baxter from Newarthill was clearing out his loft, when he came across an old trophy. The trophy was inscribed:-

Presented to the S.N.C. & D. Society by Andrew M. Bryce ESQ, Hon. President, for 12 vases Disbudded Chrysanthemums’

The Society was formed in 1932 and the first winner in 1934 was a Mr. John Beattie from Bothwell.

Thereafter in 1935 & 1936 the Trophy was won by a Mr. Donald Fergusson from Newarthill.

The trophy is also engraved ‘Finally won by Donald Fergusson 1937’

In those days if it was won in three consecutive years by the same person, they were presented with and allowed to keep the trophy.

Donald Fergusson was the grand-father of Donald Baxter.

Mr. Baxter made contact with the Society and has kindly offered to return the trophy. He had a plaque attached to the trophy which reads:

Returned to the S.N.C. & D. Society in June 2017 by the family of Donald Fergusson’

He also commissioned a presentation box lined with blue silk.

The Society is indebted to the family of Donald Fergusson for their kind and thoughtful gesture.

Donald Baxter has prepared a brief history of his grand-father and his achievements.

                BREAKING NEWS


At the recent Northern Conferance the Scottish Dahlia Team beat the English Team in a Dahlia Quiz.

This year's SNC&DS Schedule has been uploaded on the Annual Show info page.

Details of the date of the AGM is available on the Key Dates page.


The results section has now been updated for the 2017 National Show.


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