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Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society
 - Ridgeview nurseries have an great range of dahlias for garden and exhibition use. Their website includes a catalouge and photos of some of their varieties. They are also very helpful if you are having any problems with your dahlias.


 Halls of Heddon have a great selection of dahlias and chrysanthemums. They have varieties suitable for garden and exhibition use. They're website is full of great information about their nurseries and halls have an advice centre where they have great information on dahlia and chrysanthemum cultivation. Halls also have the latest varieties that have came on the market which they trial in their gardens. 

  - Has plenty of infomation about the UK national dahlia shows and dahlia trials. It also has other good infromation about dahlias.

 - Gives useful infromation on NCS shows and NCS organised events. - John Peace is a very good exhibitor of chrysanthumums. He also sells many types of early medium flowering and late flowering chrysanthumum plants. His website also has many good pictures of chrysanthumum shows and also has good links to many other chrysanthumum growers websites. Jack Gott has a vast array of dahlias. His website has plenty of great information on dahlias with lots of pictures of his varieties that he sells and pictures of his basket exhibits. He is also very Knowledgeable in his field and is very willing to help any exhibitor with any queries. Jack Specialises in waterlillies , collarettes and dark leaf dahlias. - This is the website of some of our oversea friends for New Zealand. Its a great website with great information and some wonderful pictures of some of their native varieties. 



Alistair Gray gave an excellent talk on Blanch Leeks and demonstrated why he is at the top of the leek growing world.

A superb buffet lunch was served by the Gilvenbank Hotel that was enjoyed by all.

Gavin Thomson from Premier Hydroponics gave us an insight into propagating and growing without soil. Very interesting.

The raffle followed and then outside for the plant sale. Plants were donated by members and once again we are indebted to Cruickshanks Nursery for their donation of plants that forms the majority of plants on sale.


                BREAKING NEWS


At the recent Northern Conferance the Scottish Dahlia Team beat the English Team in a Dahlia Quiz.

This year's SNC&DS Schedule has been uploaded on the Annual Show info page.

Details of the date of the AGM is available on the Key Dates page.


The results section has now been updated for the 2016 National Show.


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