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Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society
 - Ridgeview nurseries have an great range of dahlias for garden and exhibition use. Their website includes a catalouge and photos of some of their varieties. They are also very helpful if you are having any problems with your dahlias.


 Halls of Heddon have a great selection of dahlias and chrysanthemums. They have varieties suitable for garden and exhibition use. They're website is full of great information about their nurseries and halls have an advice centre where they have great information on dahlia and chrysanthemum cultivation. Halls also have the latest varieties that have came on the market which they trial in their gardens. 

  - Has plenty of infomation about the UK national dahlia shows and dahlia trials. It also has other good infromation about dahlias.

 - Gives useful infromation on NCS shows and NCS organised events. - John Peace is a very good exhibitor of chrysanthumums. He also sells many types of early medium flowering and late flowering chrysanthumum plants. His website also has many good pictures of chrysanthumum shows and also has good links to many other chrysanthumum growers websites. Jack Gott has a vast array of dahlias. His website has plenty of great information on dahlias with lots of pictures of his varieties that he sells and pictures of his basket exhibits. He is also very Knowledgeable in his field and is very willing to help any exhibitor with any queries. Jack Specialises in waterlillies , collarettes and dark leaf dahlias. - This is the website of some of our oversea friends for New Zealand. Its a great website with great information and some wonderful pictures of some of their native varieties. 


The National Show results have now been uploaded.


This year's seminar will once again be held in the GILVENBANK HOTEL, GLENROTHES. KA7 6NL on Sunday 22nd April. The speakers are Richard and Pam Canning and the title of their talk is "I will walk 400 miles".  Ian Stocks is the other speaker and his talk is "Forward thinking".

The seminar starts at 10am with coffee. Cost is £10 and includes lunch...a bargain!

There will be a raffle (donations welcome) and at the end of the seminar there will be the usual plant sale.

Members and non members are all welcome.

Return of an Old Trophy to the Society

Earlier this year Mr. Donald Baxter from Newarthill was clearing out his loft, when he came across an old trophy. The trophy was inscribed:-

Presented to the S.N.C. & D. Society by Andrew M. Bryce ESQ, Hon. President, for 12 vases Disbudded Chrysanthemums’

The Society was formed in 1932 and the first winner in 1934 was a Mr. John Beattie from Bothwell.

Thereafter in 1935 & 1936 the Trophy was won by a Mr. Donald Fergusson from Newarthill.

The trophy is also engraved ‘Finally won by Donald Fergusson 1937’

In those days if it was won in three consecutive years by the same person, they were presented with and allowed to keep the trophy.

Donald Fergusson was the grand-father of Donald Baxter.

Mr. Baxter made contact with the Society and has kindly offered to return the trophy. He had a plaque attached to the trophy which reads:

Returned to the S.N.C. & D. Society in June 2017 by the family of Donald Fergusson’

He also commissioned a presentation box lined with blue silk.

The Society is indebted to the family of Donald Fergusson for their kind and thoughtful gesture.

Donald Baxter has prepared a brief history of his grand-father and his achievements.

                BREAKING NEWS


At the recent Northern Conferance the Scottish Dahlia Team beat the English Team in a Dahlia Quiz.

This year's SNC&DS Schedule has been uploaded on the Annual Show info page.

Details of the date of the AGM is available on the Key Dates page.


The results section has now been updated for the 2017 National Show.


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